DoP Ariel Artur Cinematographer / Director of Photography based in London

Ariel is a London-based cinematographer with a focus on narrative films. His love for cinema and his extensive experience on over 80 productions translate into a consistent approach throughout the different stages of filmmaking. He is a member of the Brazilian Society of Cinematographers (ABC) and holds triple citizenship (UK, BR, IT), offering flexibility for international projects.

His dedication to the craft is recognized by numerous awards, including Best Cinematography for Lucy 2.0, The Sands of Time and Chasing Shadows. From development to post-production, Ariel thrives on a collaborative process, working hand-in-hand with directors to bring their vision to life. He’s known for pushing the boundaries to ensure the project’s success, and this passionate commitment makes him a reliable asset and a trusted creative partner on any production.




+44 (0)7557 796902