Born in Brazil and based in London, Ariel Artur is a Director of Photography focused on narrative filmmaking. Departing from a background in theatre and photography, he transitioned to a full time path behind lenses after a training in film (BA Film Production/PUCRS, Digital Cinematography/NYU, MSc Cinematography and Post Production/UoG). His works as cinematographer range from documentaries, music videos and 30+ narrative films. Member of ABC and IMIS (BKSTS), his most recent projects extend from features shot in the UK as “The Generator” by Rudy Carpio and “The Underdog” by Lee Akehurst, as well as “Sycamore” by Marco Brunelli shot in Italy and “Borderline” by Anna Alfieri shot in France, Italy and UK. Fan of slow cinema and aesthetic of flux, he has also taught film production at the University of Greenwich and is currently lensing Aoun Khan’s debut feature “Chasing Ghosts”.

Contact: +44 (0) 75 5779 6902


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